Heat Exchanger Service

Out trained engineers have over 35 Years experience with all makes and models of Heat Exchangers

The Process


All plate Heat Exchanger gaskets wear over time and many different factors can effect this such as; product, temperature, usage and cleaning. To ensure your Heat Exchangers do not fail we provide a specialist service of removing old gaskets and installing new gaskets. Our technical team can assist you to identify the correct gaskets for your plant ensuring it remains in full health for as long as possible. Our re-gasketing service can be done on-site or for glue type units oven cured in work workshop.

Chemical Cleaning of Plates

Once all of the gaskets and gasket residue has been removed, the plates are pressure washed to remove any build up / scaling. The plates are then dipped and cleaned in non-abrasive chemicals to remove any remaining residue, staining and scaling. Our cleaning baths are big enough to accommodate even the largest of Heat Exchanger Plates.

Channel Deformation and Plate Inspection

After the Plates are sufficiently clean, our trained engineers begin the inspection of each individual plate. The first part of this process is the Light Box test which identifies the larger holes and cracks. On completion of this all the plates are sprayed with Fluorescent dye and each one is inspected under a UV light. Should any defects be located the individual plates can be changed for new or refurbished plates depending on the customers preference.

Rebuild and Test

The plates are then re-fitted to the frame in the correct sequence and tightened down to the correct pitch. Our engineers then carry out a Hydrostatic pressure test to the correct pressure of the unit. On completion of this test we then carry out a non-destructive integrity test using our advanced H20 system. This test is the final procedure to ensure that there is no cross over in the Heat Exchanger before it goes back into production.

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